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:::Huxly Slams Red Star:::

Death Storm has captured one of the League finest. Red Star thought she could take out the villainess all on her own. Boy was she wrong. Now she is tied to a chair and being tickled tortured and is given one hell of a forced orgasm. But Red Star ends up escaping, only to be caught again while trying to free the naked lady in the nearby cell. So now Red Star gets strapped to the cell and both the prisoner and Death Storm tickler her with another explosive forced orgasm.

21 minutes /372 megs

:::Best of Wedgies #1:::

This is the Amazon Queen, Saharra Huxly first Best of Wedgies episode. In this clip you will find Michelle Peters in Huxly Wedgie Monster part 1 & Huxly Loves Wedgies part 2, Raquel Roper in Slut Kitten Sprayed & Spayed, and Bailey Paige in Huxly's Brat Princess Punished part 1. These are some of the best selling wedgie clips and now you can have them in one. Do not forget to check back, episode #2 is not far away.

:::Huxly Boy Toy Reggie Tormented & Forced Orgasm:::

Reggie came to see Saharra for a Lift & Carry session, and got more than he bargained for. He enjoyed seeing her strength in how she carried him around so easily. He loved comparing how much bigger she is than him. Seriously, he is so tiny, can you even call him a man. Saharra calls him her pet. When Reggie decides to leave, she decides he needs to stay. He tries to leave but she is just to strong. She strips him out of his clothes and punishes him with wedgies, rips his pantyhose (he likes wearing them, she likes ripping them), and plays with his big cock. He is well hung for such a little guy.

:::Huxly Kitten Whore:::

Ophelia Rain just cost Saharra Huxly her job. She lost some paperwork of Saharra that got her fired, and Ophelia got her position and a raise. She gets home from work and is on the phone bragging to a friend while getting undressed. But Saharra is all ready there waiting. Ophelia while scared and angry yells at her to leave. But Saharra intends on showing this little kitten whore who is truly in charge here. Ophelia gets the idea by being lifted & carried, spanked, wedgied, and forced to crawl around on the floor while meowing like the kitten she is. Oh, did I forget to mention the strap on?

:::Huxly Rag Doll Valentine Gets Fucked:::

Saharra Huxly has captured the perfect gift for Valentines Day. She drags this bag into her dungeon and out pops Chichi Medina, the original rag doll. She can not wait to taste her candy and smell her flower. But first, she wants Chichi panties to be wedgied so far up her own crotch that she can smell her own flower. This is also a special day because Saharra gets to fuck Chichi with her new strap on. This one allows her to cum buckets all over little Chichi. And do not forget, nothing makes such an event better than laughter. So expect the tickling to be intense and continuous. $20.99

:::Huxly Dominates Agent Bailey:::

Agent Bailey has been looking for her partner Cleo. The search has lead her to Powerful Storm's lair. Being her home, Storm got the drop on Bailey Paige, and put her out before she knew what was happening. She awakens with her hands suspended above her head and some of her clothing missing. Storm strips and tickles her just like she did her partner. She brings out her vibrator and makes Bailey to squeeze it between her legs while she gets tickled. It presses against her clit and excites her. But if she drops it, shell be punished. She can barely breath through most of this. Once she reaches an outrageious orgasm, Storm takes her breath away again till her whole body goes limp. She reawakens on her back on a hay bail in some kind of loft. Possibly a barn? Must be yet another place she plays with her victims. And what is this? Storm comes with a strap-on, ready to give Agent Bailey her last orgasm. $25.99

:::Huxly Punishes Boy Toy Billy:::

Big Mouth Billy has come to Saharra Huxly for a session. He has a bad habit of stealing panties of women so he can sniff them. Well Saharra has all the right tools to teach him his lesson. She starts with making him lick her boots. While he is down there, she sees his underwear and that is when the wedgies begin. But she will not stop there. Eventually she starts stripping him, and sitting on his face. But the best part is when she plays with his little penis until he cums in a pair of panties he had with him and ties it to his penis. Now he has to wear that until their next session. $21.99

:::Muscle Goddess Clits Sucking:::

There is nothing better than watching two muscular women loving on each other. Especially when they are so very different in size. We have Saharra Huxly, our Amazon extreme, and the tiny wonder of the world, Ashlee Chambers. They love to rub and feel each other muscles and compare the size difference between the two. They really like getting an up close and personal feel of what is underneath their clothes too. These two have some real muscle lesbian fun. $18.99

:::Huxly Breaks Ninja Maiden:::

Ninja Maiden thinks it's time she led the villains instead of Mean Storm. So she steals Mean Storms claw while she is not there. But just as she is doing so, guess who comes home. Storm decides to give Ninja a chance at the job, but she has to beat her in a fight. If she loses, she has to succumb to anything her boss wants. And Storm wants to abuse the hell out of her little over achieving minion. So here she goes. Who do you think will win? $29.99

:::Huxly Revenge on Super Girl:::

Super Girl (Sadie Holmes) has been waiting for the bounty hunter Lobo (Saharra Huxly) so she can exact her revenge. Lobo has taken out many members of the League and she is going to do something about it. Lobo laughs at the idea, but Super Girl has a surprise. She gets the upper hand and actually catches Lobo. But she makes the mistake of trying to punish her alone. Lobo breaks loose and gets back at her with a vengeance. She tickle ties her up, tickle tortures her, molests her, and fucks her with a strap-on. Then, she gets her final revenge with a big tank of water. Super Girl may never make it back to the league. $29.99

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